How Much Does Pallet Delivery Cost?

Answer: Cheaper than you may think

You’re often limited when It comes to sending larger parcels across the UK. Generally, most people will head to a parcel comparison company and then found out their package is too big or too heavy , or get quoted figures of £50-100 . Thankfully, there is an alternative to reducing the cost associated with sending these items.

Sending your items via pallet courier doesn’t cost as much as you may think, and in most cases is cheaper than a courier. Of course, you do need a pallet, but these can be found locally or pallet companies such as ourselves can supply one for you.

So, how much does it cost to send a pallet? From as little as £35+vat depending on the size of your pallet (quarter sizes are cheaper than full sized pallets).  This makes it ideal for sending ebay items, engines, white goods and more to customers, ebayers, friends or family.