Sending large items from ebay

Video ThumbnailVideo explaining how our Pallet Delivery service works

A lot of us now buy or sell on ebay, but the chances of a sale can be difficult when the size of the item you are selling is large. An alternative to ‘local pickup only’ is to offer send the item via pallet. When you do this, the chances of a sale are less (and the money you receive as a result).

There is a way to enable you to send large bulky items to your potential buyers. Sendapallet give you an easy and cost effective way to send large or bulky ebay items to your buyer.

The solution to Ebay ‘local pickup only’

We can arrange to delivery your large item  via pallet delivery to anywhere in the UK. You don’t need to have your own pallet as we can provide one (but its cheaper if you do). Then use our pallet delivery quote form, enter your details, and book the delivery.