Engine Shipping via Pallet

Pallet shipping is a cost effective method of sending engines to your customers.

Engine Collection and Shipping across the UK

Many engines are shipped across the country every day.These can be by car breakers, ebay sellers, rebuild companies, and many others. Often, they are extremely heavy and bulky items, particularly with gearboxes attached. The most reliable and cost-effective way of sending an engine across the UK is via pallet delivery. With this method as you pay by the pallet and not by weight (please see our FAQ page).

This is by far the cheapest and most reliable method. We can give you an instant quote online. However, when sending engines there are a few rules that need to be followed.

To help you, we've prepared an Engine Shipping Guide. This can be printed out to check everything is in order before you arrange pickup. In general, the following must be adhered to :

  • All engine fluids including oil, water, and fuel must be drained
  • Place absorbent materials between engine and pallet, to catch any excess fluids which may remain
  • To protect sumps, a tyre placed underneath the engine and around the sump should work fine
  • Make sure the engine is fastened securely with straps, strong banding, or other secure method (rope is not accepted). We recommend ratchet straps if possible
  • The driver will check the engine before it is shipped to ensure oil and water has been removed and it is securely fastened. If he has doubts about any aspects of the engine, it may not be accepted

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