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How to package

How to Package Goods for Pallet Collection

Unsure of how to package your goods ready for your pallet collection? We explain everything you need to know

The below guidelines should give you the information you need to send your goods via Pallet. When it comes to packaging your goods for pallet shipping, it's best to use basic common sense. Safe and secure packaging processes will generally be sufficient for most goods. Make sure nothing is loose, nothing will leak, and secure all fragile items.
Follow the rules below to be extra sure the pallet courier will accept your collection. If you are struggling to find a Pallet to put your goods on, try your local industrial parks. They often have some spare and are happy to let you have one. Specialist suppliers can also provide you with one, or you can opt for one from ourselves.
Please ensure that you read the below information before booking your collection, even if you think some of it does not apply to you.
  • Pallet base:
    1. Must be of robust construction and suitable for the type of goods carried upon it
    2. Must have no missing boards or chocks
  • Goods on the pallet:
    1. Must not exceed the dimensions for the size of pallet entered
    2. Must not overhang the pallet edges
    3. Must be stable when packed or placed on the pallet
    4. Must not be top-heavy and must be stable enough to undergo at least six trans shipments
    5. Must be firmly and properly secured to the pallet base by shrink-wrap, fibre or steel banding, chains, or any other appropriate means
    6. Must have sufficient packaging, such as bubble wrap, cardboard, or any other appropriate packaging to reasonably protect the goods