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Information about SendaPallet and its services 

SendaPallet is a Pallet delivery and services courier based in the UK, sending thousands of Pallets every year

Welcome to SendaPallet. Within these information pages you can find out about the processes and questions about sending items via pallet. The actual process of sending large or bulky items is fairly straghtforward, but there are certain rules and regulations which must be adhered to in order to keep your consignment and the couriers safe and secure. This helps us keep your packages and other safe whilst in transit, and ensure no leakages, breakages, or safety issues occur.

SendaPallet – How it all works

How to package

Pallet Packaging and Presentation

Sending High Risk or Expensive Goods on a Pallet

Sending Fragile Goods and Items Via Pallet

Engine Shipping Guide

Packaging Leakable Fluids on a Pallet

Unauthorised Goods

Prohibited – Items you can’t send by Pallet