Prohibited items unsuitable for pallet delivery ..

Some items cannot be sent on a pallet, for safety or other reasons. Ensure your goods and packages aure suitable for pallet shipping

Not all goods are suitable to be sent via a Pallet Delivery service.When sending items via pallet, some goods cannot be sent as they are unsuitable due to space, safety, or security issues.

If you're wondering what items you can and cannot send via Pallet, then we have supplied a comprehensive guide below. You can send a lot of items via pallet, but insurance or compensation may be affected by certain items. Some items may not be eligible for pallet delivery at all.

You’ll find that different couriers accept different things. Some may allow you to send white goods such as washing machines, ovens, microwaves etc, whilst some may not. Likewise, perishable goods can not be sent in most cases.

Dangerous Goods

The following items cannot be shipped.

The list includes definite items, items that contain dangerous or hazardous materials (as well as items that contain only a small amount of a dangerous or hazardous material), and items that are a known risk to people or environments.

  • Weapons eg. Firearms, swords and knives
  • Household removals
  • Explosives eg. Fireworks, sparklers, munitions (war materials and ammunition)
  • Items containing small amounts of explosive eg
  • Christmas crackers
  • Flammable solids eg. Matches and firelighters
  • Flammable liquids eg. Alcohol that is more than 24% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) and especially more than 70% ABV
  • Tems containing flammable liquids eg. Perfumes (alcohol), paint strippers and nail varnish remover (solvents)
  • Gases eg. Aerosols and camping gas cylinders
  • Corrosive substances eg. Battery acid and drain cleaner
  • Toxic and infectious substances eg. Pesticides, weed killers and poisons
  • Oxidising substances and organic peroxides eg. Hair bleach
  • Radioactive material eg. Smoke alarms and luminous dials (found on watches, alarm clocks etc.)
  • Lithium batteries, including those in battery operated toys and in laptops
  • Car batteries
  • Fire extinguishers

Unauthorised Goods

The following items cannot be shipped.

  • Human remains (except for ashes)
  • Animal parts, skins or furs
  • Ivory or ivory products
  • Bloods
  • Illegal drugs
  • Prescribed medicines
  • obacco and tobacco products
  • Pornographic material (to some countries)
  • Leather goods (to some countries)

Leakable Goods

The following items cannot be shipped.

These items are a known risk for leakage or contamination to people, environments or other items in a shipment.

  • Hazardous Liquids
  • Adhesives
  • Paints
  • Engines, generators or other mechanical parts that have contained oil unless completely flushed out and dried – couriers need access to the dipstick and if any oil is present the engine will not be collected

High-Risk Goods

The following items will not be insured for loss or damage.

If you do ship these items it is entirely at your own risk and if confiscated by Customs, they may not be returned.

  • Cash, credit cards, debit cards
  • Passports, birth and death certificates or other unique documentation
  • Keys and other negotiable items of monetary or personal value
  • Articles of exceptional value (works of art, precious stones, gold and silver)
  • Antiques high in value must be sent using a special service only

Unsuitable Goods

The following items will not be insured for loss or damage.

They are not suitable for any of the regular courier networks we work with.

  • White goods (fridges, freezers, washing machines, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, etc.)
  • Only flat-packed furniture can be shipped. Other home contents better suited to a Removals service or personal transportation eg. large or heavy furniture, boxes of personal effects or other collections of items, should be individually wrapped and packaged if sent via the courier network.
  • If suitcases filled with personal effects are sent via courier they must be packaged separately inside the suitcase that must then be shrink-wrapped or otherwise protected, since it will not be covered against damage if used as an external container: You should note that labels also stick far better to suitcases when they are wrapped appropriately.
  • Perishable goods eg. frozen or fresh food, and pharmaceutical products like vaccines
  • Plants, flowers and seeds

Fragile and High Value Goods

The following items will not be insured for damage, but can be insured for loss.

They must be packaged in line with our guidelines: We recommend that expensive items, attractive to thieves, are camouflaged in their packaging to detract attention away from them

  • Computers, laptops, tablets, monitors and screens, etc.
  • Televisions, LCD screens, plasma screens, projectors, digital displays, etc.
  • Glass or any item that contains glass in part eg. iPods and mobile phones or Smartphone
  • Ceramics, marble, china, stone or resin

Live Animals

  • Live animals will only be considered for movement on a bespoke animal transportation service

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