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Ebay Pallet Delivery and Courier

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Ebay Pallet Delivery and Courier Services

Send you ebay item via pallet delivery. We pickup and deliver your ebay item across the UK and Europe

When it comes to sending your items to buyers from ebay, you are often limited by size. Or, you may be an ebay buyer wishing to arrange a better delivery option from the seller. There is a solution from sendapallet.co.uk.

We provide you with the facility to send large or bulky items to your ebay buyers, or arrange pickup from your seller if required. This makes making larger purchases or sales to and from ebay much easier than before. Costs are low depending on size and location of the pallet being sent. We also offer timed and saturday delivery options, along with hazardous item delivery such as engines.

Our ebay pallet service is ideal for the home seller, allowing you to send large items easily. Simply use our online quote form above to see how much your item will cost to send, book the delivery, and you're done. We can supply you with a pallet if required. Specify on the form and we'll calculate the costs for you.

Home Pallet Delivery has freed up some of the constraints of selling on ebay. You'll be able to send your packages quicker and easier than ever before.

Sendapallet.co.uk give you a cost effective solution to selling larger items online.