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How to package goods for pallet collection and delivery

Unsure of how to package your goods ready for your pallet collection?

The below guidelines should give you all the information you need to adhere to. The guidelines have been put in place by our network provider, Palletways (UK) Limited.

When it comes to packaging your goods for pallet shipping, it's best to use basic common sense. Safe and secure packaging processes will generally be sufficient for most goods. Make sure nothing is loose, nothing will leak and that all fragile items are secured. Follow the rules below to be extra sure the pallet courier will accept your collection.

If you are struggling to find a good Pallet to put your goods on, they can be sourced from local industrial park, haulage company or warehouse (ask politely). Alternatively, specialist suppliers can provide you with one.

Please ensure that you read the below information before booking your collection, even if you think some of it does not apply to you.

Please make sure your goods and packaged pallet meets the following requirements:

  • All goods must be positioned on the pallet itself
  • If using two-way pallets, all items must be secured by shrink wrap, including sides and top (if possible). As an alternative you may use secure metal or plastic banding if you have it.
  • If sending machinery, we would recommend that this is crated instead of simply placed on the pallet itself.
  • Please ensure your pallets are labelled on at least two sides with the recipient’s address.
  • Please ensure your pallets are under 1000kg in weight.
  • Please ensure your pallets do not exceed 1200 x 1000 x 2200mm.
  • If you have to send palleted goods that are larger than this, additional charges may apply.
  • For engines, please ensure engines are fully drained and banded securely to the pallet. See Engine Shipping Guide for further information.
  • All goods requiring a tail-lift off-load, must be securely packed on a four-way entry pallet (with a minimum of 100mm clearance for pallet truck entry)

Useful Information


Pallet base:

  1. Must be of robust construction and suitable for the type of goods carried upon it
  2. Must have no missing boards or chocks

Goods on the pallet:

  1. Must not exceed the dimensions for the size of pallet entered
  2. Must not overhang the pallet edges
  3. Must be stable when packed or placed on the pallet
  4. Must not be top-heavy and must be stable enough to undergo at least six trans shipments
  5. Must be firmly and properly secured to the pallet base by shrink-wrap, fibre or steel banding, chains, or any other appropriate means
  6. Must have sufficient packaging, such as bubble wrap, cardboard, or any other appropriate packaging to reasonably protect the goods

In the event of claim being raised insurers will require the following mandatory pieces of information:

  1. Proof of Purchase
  2. Value/ownership
  3. Weight

Insurance is included (subject to Sendapallet RHA Terms at the lesser of

  1. £5.00 per kilogram;
  2. the value of the Consignment at the time and place when accepted for carriage.

If only part of a Consignment suffers from loss or physical damage, liability shall be limited to that proportion of the sum calculated which the actual value of such part bears to the value of the whole Consignment

You must notify Pallet Hub of any damage to the whole or any part of a consignment, or physical loss, mis-delivery or non-delivery of part of a consignment in writing within 7 days of the date of delivery.

Any claim in respect of the non-delivery of the whole of the consignment must be notified in writing within 21 days of despatch.

Please contact us in writing at the earliest opportunity if you wish to report loss or damage.

if your item requires specific insurance not covered by £5 per KG please contact us as a individual quote for cover will need to be raised.


When your goods are delivered, the person responsible for accepting and signing for the goods should make a examination of goods to check for damage, If any short- age or damage is apparent or suspected, the delivery note should be endorsed accordingly using the word “damaged” or “Shortage” or “Goods missing, the word “unchecked” or similar is not accepted as claused proof of delivery.

Insurance companies will not consider a claim for damage or loss when a “clean” or “clear” proof of deliv- ery is produced.

Delivery Vehicle Information

Delivery Vehicle (18 Tonne) with tail lift.

Dimensions: Unless otherwise specified the delivery vehicle will be a rigid vehicle the size of the average dustbin lorry.

  • Height: 3.4Metres
  • Length: 13 Metres
  • Width: 2.8 Metres

You can request in “notes” for a small vehicle however please note that small vehicles may not have a tail lift and unloading will be the responsibility of the customer

Small vehicle dimensions (7.5tonne):

  • Height: 3.4 Metres
  • Length: 7.5 Metres
  • Width: 2.8 Metres

Tail lift delivery:

To facilitate a tail lift delivery the consignment must weigh no more than 1000KG and be on a standard four way pallet, deliveries can be made onto concrete or tarmac surface only as the equipment will not function on loose surfaces

Delivery will be made as close to property as possible, where access is restricted delivery will be made to Kerbside only.

Pallet Dimensions

Pallets should not exceed the standard size of 1000 mm x 1200 mm, and must be within the height and weight maxi- mums for the size entered, as below.

Goods must not overhang the pallet edges.

Pallet base

Pallet Length: 120 cm / 1200 mm / 1.2m / 48′′
Pallet Width: 100 cm / 1000 mm / 1.0m / 40′′

Full Pallet

Maximum Height: 200 cm / 2000 mm / 2m / 79′′
Maximum Weight: 1200 kg

Half Pallet

Maximum Height: 110 cm / 1100 mm / 1.1m / 43.5′′
Maximum Weight: 500 kg

Quarter Pallet

Maximum Height: 80 cm / 800 mm / 0.8m / 31.5′′
Maximum Weight: 250 kg

If you need to make any changes to a consignment after your booking has been placed, please contact us as soon as possible at

Oversize Pallets

We are able to ship pallets that exceed the standard dimen- sions or contain goods that overhang. However, these are charged at one pallet space or part thereof

To process such a consignment, please enter the number of pallet spaces as though they were separate pallets and specify “1 x Oversize” in the further info’ box below the col- lection address.

Packaging & Protection

The goods to be palletised must be securely packaged and protected for transport prior to collection.

We are unable to package goods for transport; all we are doing is placing the item(s) on a pallet base and wrapping with shrink-wrap. Damage to goods not securely packaged or protected for transport may not be covered by our insurance.

The collecting driver has the right to refuse to collect if he deems the item unfit or unsafe for transport

This is ideal for one-off shipments of heavy or bulky items or multiple item consignments which it may not be practical, possible or cost-effective to send as large parcels

There is a 70 kg limit for each single item that needs to be palletised and a maximum of 50 items: It is important that the goods can be manually lifted and secured to the pallet in a timely manner.

The driver may help to secure the item(s) to the pallet.

The goods must fit within the pallet dimensions you have paid for; failure to do this may incur additional costs for delivery

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