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Unsuitable Goods

When sending items via pallet, some goods cannot be sent as they are unsuitable due to space, safety, or security issues.

not all goods are suitable to be sent via a Pallet Delivery service. Most couriers will insist that you adhere to certain regulations as to what can or can’t be loaded into a pallet. These rules are in place to ensure maximum space or safety of the goods whilst in Transit.

You’ll find that different couriers accept different things. Some may allow you to send white goods such as washing machines, ovens, microwaves etc, whilst some may not. Likewise, perishable goods can not be sent in most cases.

The following items will not be insured for loss or damage and are not suitable for any of the regular courier networks we work with.

  • White goods (fridges, freezers, washing machines, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, etc.)
  • Only flat-packed furniture can be shipped. Other home contents better suited to a Removals service or personal transportation eg. large or heavy furniture, boxes of personal effects or other collections of items, should be individually wrapped and packaged if sent via the courier network: How to package items appropriately
  • If suitcases filled with personal effects are sent via courier they must be packaged separately inside the suitcase that must then be shrink-wrapped or otherwise protected, since it will not be covered against damage if used as an external container: How your suitcase will be handled in transit. You should note that labels also stick far better to suitcases when they are wrapped appropriately.
  • Perishable goods eg. frozen or fresh food, and pharmaceutical products like vaccines
  • Plants, flowers and seeds